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Local Business - Global Network ®


Our mission is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

Here are some testimonials on how BNI has helped them.


"As a career artist and marketer, I understood the value of 'time saved is money gained' concept. Business owners can waste
so much time meeting with suspects and not prospects. At BNI, you are introduced to decision makers alone, thus, saving time
and money in the process. I found this concept so appealing and effective. BNI has given my business exposure and growth
at the quickest time possible."

Vivian Velez
Thoughts and Notion
Event Manangement

For thirteen years, I’ve been an employee of various non life insurance companies. I’ve worked diligently, gathered all the
experiences and learned everything I needed to know so I could fulfill my lifelong dream- to have my very own company. Last year, Premium Shield Insurance Services was born. My goal for the company is simple: to make it one of the biggest in the country in 10 years time. Since I am setting a time frame for that goal, I need to be aggressive not only in marketing, but also in widening my business contacts. “at is the reason why I joined BNI. ” I am happy that through BNI,I have been able to expand and considerably increased my business turnover by as much as P3.5 million in less than four months. My recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to observe a session of Inspire Chapter has even fortified my belief that there are a lot of opportunities in store for my business from joining this elite organization. All I need to do is to follow BNI teachings, be VISIBLE to the members, be CREDIBLE to your transactions and PROFITS will come.

Mike Mirador
Premium Shield Insurance Services
Lead Visitors Host – Pioneer Chapter.

"My experience with BNI can only be described as BIG ( Beyond Imagined Goals). At the time of the year when the learning industry would be wrapping up and preparing for it's year -end hibernation, the President of the chapter entrusted me with a project that has since created a ripple effect of business and opportunities. Case in point - on a recent trip back from a BNI-referred project, I sat next to a stately gentleman on the plane, who turns out to be  the Chief Operating Officer of a well know gentleman on the plane, who turns out to be the Chief Operating Officer of a well know construction and estate development firm. From that chance meeting, Gryphon Learning has been commissioned with their organizational Landscaping project. I am honored and grateful to be part of the team, and look forward to a long term givers-gain relationship with BNI."

Martin SD. Ortega
Gryphon Learning and Development
Consulting/Business Services



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